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Since 1996, Klassics by Kurtis has been offering high-quality European glass ornaments that may be enjoyed today and promised many tomorrows as they become family heirlooms.

Enjoy your time as you browse our extensive collection of mouth-blown, hand-painted custom glass ornaments which are produced in Poland by some of the world's most renowned Artisans.

Multi dimensional glass ornaments is our specialty. For 24 years we have partnered with Schools, Churches, Nonprofits and Business Organizations to achieve their fundraising goals.

Perhaps you will find something that you would like to display throughout the year, maybe something that will look just perfect on your tree or as a gift for someone special; we have something for everyone.

If you wish to discuss fundraising opportunites or wholesale pricing, please call.

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Curtis Posuniak







The principal in KLASSICS BY KURTIS is Curtis J. Posuniak, a Michigan native who enjoyed an extensive career as a concert pianist for over nineteen years and was the president of The Michigan Bach Festival, a very successful music organization primarily focused on the classic works of its namesake.  To this day, Mr. Posuniak continues as an accomplished church organist at several Southeast Michigan church venues. . .but his real love has become this business venture.

In 1996, Curtis had a vision to create holiday ornaments depicting the great music composers:  Bach, Beethoven, Mozart and Chopin.  So, he went on a journey to Poland where he knew his dream could become reality, and thus began Klassics by Kurtis, a specialty ornament business devoted to beautiful glass-blown ornaments that were, and continue to be, mouth-blown and hand-painted in Poland by some of the world’s most renowned artisans.
Since the inception of Klassics by Kurtis, custom glass ornaments have been the mainstay of the business, and the company is quite delighted that it has continued to grow each year.  In 2014 the company introduced "The Klassics by Kurtis Signature Collection" featuring a limited edition, custom glass ornament that will be signed and numbered each year.  In addition to the Klassics by Kurtis Signature Collection, the company also introduced custom-made 3 1/2" magnets and pin-back buttons; that we think its customers might enjoy as well!
Klassics by Kurtis continues to specialize in custom ornaments, which are created for businesses, municipalities, churches, schools and a wide variety of fund-raising organizations. Our specialty has become custom-shaped three dimensional ornaments which can be enjoyed by people throughout the country all year long, not simply during the Christmas season.
In addition, Klassics by Kurtis also proudly offers the discerning customer an opportunity to collect theme ornaments that will become the treasures of tomorrow through the tradition of European mouth-blown glass.  By merging the craftsmanship of the past with a vision toward the future, Klassics by Kurtis is able to present ornaments which are both unusual and “old-world” in quality.  These treasures will become Christmas keepsakes that will surely become family heirlooms.
It is our wish that you may enjoy your hand-crafted ornament today . . . and promise it a cherished home for many tomorrows!  We look forward to working with you, whether you wish to purchase an existing ornament or have us create a specialty item for you.  Welcome aboard; we’re here to assist you!



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